One Hell of a Ride

If you have ever resided in a flat or apartment then the chances are that you will have utilised the elevator on a day to day basis; especially if you live on one of the top floors. Fair do’s really-as taking the stairs leaves you absolutely knackered after a good old session at the gym flexing your muscles and working on your abs. You like to look and feel good, and an hour’s workout with your personal trainer makes your worries and troubles instantly vanish. People should pump iron if they are to attract the crème de la crème of beauties, and you cannot just settle for any old piece of arm candy as the lads have such high standards. I mean; imagine if you were in the Living Room or Panacea and some hottie walked straight past you, oblivious to your charms? It would put such a dampener on your evening and you will sorely regret consuming that last White Russian as it is crammed full of calories. There have been many tales flying about recently concerning overweight people and lift etiquette, as laziness is inherent in members of the human race. Why bother to take the stairs when there is a more convenient way in which to get from A to B?

Never mind those that have to travel much further to reach their destination; if the elevator is free then more fool them! This is the attitude of so many idle creatures, and has resulted in a backlash from disgruntled members of the public. One of the reasons why Sheridan Lifts has been so busy lately is, primarily due to the slovenliness of particular peeps who cannot be bothered to make the two minute trek on foot to their flat. So we are called out frequently to deal with lift repairs, which could have been avoided had individuals been less languid and more motivated. We are happy to carry out any type of lift maintenance tasks, no matter how trivial or seemingly insignificant they may be as it is our aim to ensure that elevators are in perfect working order and pristine condition. If everyone continues to annoy one another by refusing to go up one flight of stairs, then we are inundated with requests; so why on earth would we complain? Although there are also more serious lift installation problems to attend to of course!

We are a dab hand when it comes to lift installation and pride ourselves on our exceptional levels of customer service. Lift maintenance can often be rather difficult to keep on top of, and so many places neglect their elevators and do not renovate or revamp old, tired models when all they need is a little bit of TLC every once in a while. It’s not too much to ask, is it? So to guarantee that you do not suffer the ride from hell and instead are transported to your living quarters in a chic and elegant elevator give the experts at Sheridan Lifts a quick call on 0161 203 6299. Things are looking up!