Oodles of fun when it’s Halloween at Sheridan Lifts

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By Chris Jones

Published on: 31-10-2019

Marketing Manager at Sheridan Lifts and chief blogger!

Well today at Sheridan Lifts is just another day of work. Kind of!

Today we are celebrating Halloween, and whilst its business as usual, we are all dressed up for the occasion. We’ve had some fantastic costumes and people have really gone to town on their outfits. Maybe as there was a prize for the best dressed with the winner enjoying a half day off work tomorrow! Who said lift companies don’t have any fun?

Here’s our group shot from the car park!

So, from early this morning we’ve had the lovely Natalie Gatward acting as some kind of Loreal makeup artist upstairs and turning people from distinguished office staff into deplorable apparitions. Good work, Natalie!

Other people came into work fully dressed to impress, like Daniel who burst in this morning with his dressing up bag carefully concealed. We all got together at 11am for a mini photoshoot and some of the results are below.

Firstly here’s Adele Ince who came dressed as Freddie Krueger

“I was up at 5am doing my make up and face scars” she told us.

She looks superb!

Andy Howell donned a Michael Myers mask and looked the part in his boiler suit with menacing plastic knife. We’ve had all manner of beasts and ghouls creeping up on us and our offices have been dressed from top to bottom in Halloween furnishings too.

Guests have been greeted into Sheridan Lifts by our receptionist Amanda today whilst werewolves and ghosts have been prowling the corridors.

Pennywise the clown (Daniel Sheridan) collared Samara from The Ring (me!) in the car park, there’s a nice couple in the making!

Joanne dressed up as the doll from the Saw movies, Chris Chadwick came as a horrendous beast and there were skeletons, kittens and even a carefully concealed Dracula.

Sam Stafford bared the cold and gave us all an eyeful in a little slip dress (main group image), very brave!

But perhaps the biggest laugh of the day came from a very familiar source. Never one to miss out on the action, Chris Grailey took it upon himself to come dressed as our Office Manager Mike Kilcourse for the day and crept up on him with a gathered crowd in attendance!

Thankfully, Mike took the joke really well. But can you tell which one is which?!