You’re Our Celebrity! We’ll Get You Out of Here…….

You’re Our Celebrity! We’ll Get You Out of Here…….


……and within an hour – guaranteed!

We may not be the best with creepy-crawlies and things of those natures (although you may think our lift engineers are invincible and nothing can scare them), but lift modernisation and maintenance is a core aspect of what we do without a scream of “get me out of here”!

When you take out any of our range of service agreements, whether it’s for a lift service, installation or modernisation, we will offer an industry response time that includes a one hour guaranteed response time to entrapments.  We use the word “contract” very lightly, as we no one wants to be in a long-term commitment that they can’t get out of without having to give a notice period and probably a cancelation charge. This is why we offer our customers an agreement plan that suits them. Our main aim is to ensure that all of our customer no matter how big or small they are, receive the same level of service that is above a satisfactory level. If you’re happy, then so are we.

Sheridan Lifts have witnessed one of the most exhilarating years to date, with a profit margin that has beaten all previous years, a turnover that has more than doubled to over a 300% increase for 2012. We have some of the UK’s largest multi-national companies and some exciting enquiries that have come through over the last few days. We’re all set for another record breaker in 2013.

If you’re looking for a lift service of any kind whether it’s an installation, repair or lift modernisation then give our team a call today on 0161 203 6299 and become part of one of the UK’s leading lift specialist company.