Part 1: Lifts To Aid Mobility Issues

As well as commercial lifts, there are also a range of lift systems that can be installed to help assist those with mobility issues; because being freely able to move around public spaces should be available to all.

The range of access lifts cover a broad range of disabilities and building types. Lift upgrades generally only occur when the lift is particularly old or stops functioning properly; but lift upgrades should also be considered to help anyone struggling with using your current access.

Home Platform Lifts

Requiring minimal space and building work means home platform lifts are easy to install and can be tailored to suit individual requirements. They also provide a safe disabled access solution for elderly residents to move freely around their home.

Wheelchair Access Lifts

Every public building has to provide wheelchair access by law. The Disability Discrimination Act requires refurbishments to older model lifts to ensure they comply with certain guidelines.

Some lift features added during lift upgrades include: floor announcements, tactile and audible push buttons and signals, lift car handrails and accessible intercoms.

Step Lifts

Elderly and disabled people struggle daily to get around their own homes unless they are equipped with specialised lifts.

The industry of in-home accessibility has come on leaps and bounds within the past few years and now these people no longer have to battle flights of stairs.

Step Lifts provide a great alternative to regular staircases. By carrying mobility-impaired individuals across a length of between 1m and 3m, they provide a safe system for reaching the top floor without personal assistance.

Models are designed to carry different maximum loads and fit all kinds of homes. With fully integrated control panels and security gates, they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

If you, or someone you know is having mobility issues and you think they would benefit from Step Lifts, Home Platform Lifts or Wheelchair Access Lifts, contact your local lift company today.