Part 2: Lifts to Aid Mobility Issues

In Part 1 we talked about the range of lift systems that were available for use in aiding mobility issues, rather than for any type of industrial purpose.

Helping people move around their homes as well as public spaces is an increasingly important factor. It helps people reclaim their independence and reduces the need for people with disabilities to depend on carers for assistance.

There are a number of different lifts available, depending on the needs of the client. We have already looked at the benefits of home platform lifts for elderly residents; wheelchair access lifts in public buildings to aid wheelchair users; and step lifts to help elderly and disabled people move around their homes more freely.

What other types of lifts are available to assist those less able than others?


A common home lift is the stairlift. Commonly installed in the homes of elderly people so that they can retain their independence, and can remain in their home even when stairs become a difficulty.

There is a range of reliable stair lifts which are the perfect solution to problems with stairs. The stair lifts are designed with each individual user in mind, and come complete with a range of features aimed at making life a little easier. The innovative designs ensure that intrusion is kept to a minimum, leaving clear paths for other stair users.

Stair lifts include features such as:

  • Folding seat, arms and footrest
  • Manual seat swivel for safe and easy access
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Durable anti-slip carpet on footrest
  • User-friendly controls on the arm

It doesn’t matter what type of home requires installation, each product is fitted to the home as well as the user to ensure the best compatibility, comfort and efficiency.

Through Floor Lifts

For those who can’t operate stairlifts, through floor lifts (similar to domestic lifts) can be installed into people’s homes. Specific designs help make everyday life easier for people with mobility issues.

These lifts connect two separate floors via a shaft drilled through ground-level ceiling and top-level floor. This way users can bypass stairs completely, whilst benefitting from a comfortable transit.

Contact your local lift company for information on installing any home lifts.