Poor News for Rich Kids

Dubai is the home of the rich; the privileged; the elite. Those that earn tonnes of wonga every year reside in palatial surroundings with all of the latest gadgets and gizmos, whilst we mere mortals here in Old Blighty shiver through the throngs to beg the bank for yet another extension to our overdraft. We may envy those that never have to worry about cash but even people who are fortunate enough to have an address on Millionaire’s Row can suffer hardships and set-backs. Take the recent news about the Princess Tower in Dubai. This awe-inspiring behemoth of a building stands an astonishing 1,355 feet tall and has a total of 107 storeys. Yes, 107-you did hear us right. Now, what would be the single worst thing to happen to you if you have already had the day from hell and cannot face any more stress?  Whilst you are preoccupied with the contents of your fridge and are deciding whether to opt for truffle-encrusted fillet steak or the finest lobster thermidor it may have escaped your notice that the elevator is broken. You have no alternative option but to climb the stairs, one at a time, until you reach your flat. This could end in tears. Ruined Prada suits, broken Louboutins and crumpled Armani shirts are such a sad sight.

The Mail broke with this story on the 17th June, and it’s a corker! The whole place came to a standstill due to a serious leak from a fire hose reel on level 96, and all the lifts instantly went ‘kaput’. Who wouldn’t feel a little bit smug watching financial fat cats having to trudge up endless stairs like lackeys, muttering to themselves in annoyance whilst essential lift maintenance repairs were being made downstairs? Serves them right-a little taste of their own medicine won’t hurt them at all. They are not exactly the friendliest and most welcoming individuals when you are in need of monetary compensation due to an error on their part. Eight elevators in total needed urgent lift servicing, so it wasn’t as if it was just one unfortunate incident. Imagine if your apartment was on the 97th floor and lift repairs were on-going for another week at least. Short of booking yourself into a ludicrously expensive hotel until all lift servicing had been completed, there is nothing else you could do to solve the problem or make things move any quicker.

If Sheridan Lifts had been on the case then we would have things sorted out in no time at all, and you could go about your daily business of earning shedloads of cash once more. We would relish the challenge of fixing eight modern, swish elevators as our lift maintenance experts can handle anything. Unfortunately for those who were weeping into their brand new Burberry bags due to that pesky leaky pipe, Sheridan Lifts were not there to provide top of the range lift maintenance at affordable prices. However, you can call us on 0161 203 6299 and we will be able to answer all of your questions. Pity those poor people in Dubai did not have your nous and sensibilities, but more fool them!