The Most Popular Passenger Lifts in the World

It is interesting to know that lifts have been in use, in Rome since 336 B.C. This was apparently built by the talented Archimedes. The very first lifts were open cars instead of closed ones and were operated manually, by either people, animals or water wheels. These lifts were only used to moved heavy items such as water, building materials or other generally heavy items from one place to another. Now days modern lifts are electric and used to move passengers up and down various high rise buildings.

The Various Advantages of Passenger and Residential Lifts

Modern lifts play a huge role in making life more convenient. It removes the cumbersome act of walking up and down staircases, several times a day. Elevators are also useful for moving around small but heavy items. Larger or industrial items should be transported in a commercial lift. For people who work on the top floors of office buildings and for those with slight handicaps, lifts can really change the quality of their time spent in the building.

Lifts are space saving. It often takes up less space than a staircase in any indoor environment. Aside from this, the equipment and materials used to create lifts these days is much cheaper and this has caused lifts to gain in popularity over recent years.

The Most Popular Passenger Lifts

Any building that has a lift is more valuable than buildings that only have staircases. This increases the resale value of the building. If you had a lift in your home, it would also greatly increase the resale value as prospective home buyers look at the future when buying homes. Home lifts may be useful in old age when mobility is not at its best. So this is basically why residential lifts are also gaining in popularity.

Lifts do present a security feature. It is safer for children and seniors to travel in a lift as apposed to using the stairs. The risks with staircases, is possible falling and tripping down, causing various injuries, some of which could be fatal.

This could be a great option for you if you are tired of running up and down stairs or are concerned about falling. Alternatively, if you are looking at selling your home either in the near or distant future, this will help you fetch a higher price. If you are building a home that you intend on keeping in the family, you should make sure that it is suitable for you, both now and in the future. The older you get, the harder it will be walk up and down staircases constantly. This trendy machine has many advantages and although it may cost you an arm and a leg to install, it is well worth the investment. So if you are looking forward to saving time, space and making your home more convenient both now and for the future, you should consider having one of these residential lifts installed. It will improve the quality of your life on so many different levels.