Praise for Sheridan Lifts amidst the Coronavirus outbreak

Sheridan Lifts are a critical business. We are out servicing lifts and helping our clients within many different, crucial sectors of society including the food production chain, educational facilities and care homes. And all this whilst strictly adhering to Government guidelines.

We are also continuing to service critical home lifts that fall under our domestic contracts. And in times like these, it’s so nice to receive positive feedback– knowing that we are continuing to provide a much needed service for the community and more than that – for it to be so warmly appreciated by those who need it the most.

sheridan lifts team

It’s my pleasure to share this message with you that we received from a customer just yesterday.

Hi there

I want to thank you for the wonderful service you provided in the middle of this Coronavirus crisis.

My mum is 84 and has heart failure, when her stairlift broke it was a bit of another crisis as whilst she is unable to go out, she couldn’t get to her front door. The service man who attended (Paul) was amazing and very skilled. These are points I noted.

1) You attended the same day
2) The cost was at least third of the price of <competitor name>
3) <competitor name> seem indifferent to the plight of people like my mum and advised it may take 7 days for someone to attend
4) Other firms only seem interested in sales of new chair lifts at vastly inflated prices or sales of services packages again at over inflated prices
5) Sheridan’s have offered us a services package at under £100, most services packages are four times that amount
6) A one hour call out with some firms start at £265 for an hour – how on earth do they expect the elderly and infirm to afford that?

We will be taking out the service package with Sheridan’s and we can’t thank you enough for your help

It is nice in these times when a company (Sheridan’s) looks after the elderly and vulnerable in our society.

Thank you so much.

Ms L Morris