Prepare for Lift-Off!

Virgin Galactic has just unveiled Lady Gaga as being the first artist to sing in outer space; and we think that this is the ideal choice as she is the voice of the future. Her career has already reached stratospheric proportions so this is just another huge string to add to her overflowing bow. Some even believe that she is from another planet; due to her kooky appearance and futuristic outfits; and the meat dress is quite obviously the work of someone with extraordinary tastes as we have not seen anything like it before! She has taken out a colossal life insurance policy as it can potentially be quite a dangerous expedition due to the loss of gravity and being in unfamiliar surroundings. Her reputation as a bit of an oddball does not seem to have done her any harm whatsoever as she sells out stadiums in seconds and is regarded as one of the most spellbinding and captivating performers of our generation.

Everything she touches seems to turn to gold so we can pretty much guarantee that her venture into the unknown will be a landmark event in musical history. Undergoing a year’s rehearsal of strict vocal training before jetting off into space will work wonders for her already powerful range and we wish her all the luck in the world. At Sheridan Lifts, we would embrace the opportunity to be involved in such a spectacular and monumental mission as it is truly a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Being the experts that we are in all areas of lift servicing; we think that we would do a pretty decent job of constructing an elevator that is solid, sturdy and reliable as well as being palatial and spacious. A diva cannot travel in a rickety old machine and needs something which is truly spectacular and grandiose. This is why it is imperative that the jet-setters at Virgin should call upon lift engineers who have years of expertise in the industry and are a byword for quality lift installation and maintenance.

And there is no one better equipped than Sheridan Lifts; that’s for sure! We have been going for over 33 years and constantly showcase our flair and ability when it comes to top of the range lift repairs. We won’t divulge the tricks of the trade as they are a well-kept secret but will be more than happy to share our wealth of knowledge with you if you want an honest appraisal and evaluation of a brand new lift planning project. Dreaming up unique concepts does not come easily so we are mightily impressed with your tenacity should you have something special up your sleeve. Just give us a call today on 0161 820 4651 if you want to discuss your ideas in more detail. Don’t worry; everything you tell us is completely confidential.