Push the Button

Remember when you were a kid and used to press the buttons on the elevator incessantly, much to the frustration of the other passengers? You probably thought it was highly amusing at the time, but now you are older and (a little bit) wiser and realise that it is not all that funny when you are on a tight schedule. People are impatient creatures and if there is a two minute delay on the Tube, then the whole of London goes into meltdown as they simply HAVE to get on that particular train. It really makes no odds that if they board the next one they would still be on time with ten minutes to spare-it is part of their daily routine. If their morning ritual is spoilt, then they will throw their toys out of the pram and create one hell of a fuss. Everyone has witnessed angry businessmen slamming their briefcases down on the Underground in disgust, protesting wildly at the injustice of the world, even though small delays are such a minor inconvenience when you look at the bigger picture.

For example, can you even begin to imagine the reaction if Phil T Rich was stuck in a lift for more than thirty seconds whilst the lift maintenance men were called out? He should count himself fortunate that Sheridan Lifts are on the case, as we are the most qualified and competent lift repair company in the business. With over 33 years’ experience in the lift maintenance industry, we can hand on heart say that we are unbeatable when it comes to getting things done properly. Our pragmatic, focused attitude and hard- working ethic means that we always keep a cool head when carrying out lift installation duties and will get things up and running as soon as possible. If people start to panic when an elevator starts to malfunction, then this is not going to do anyone any favours whatsoever, as they should just sit tight and wait for the lift repair experts to arrive and take charge of things. We know it can be distressing when you are stuck in a confined space, especially if you suffer from claustrophobia, but we urge you to remain calm.

There is nothing that we will not tackle head on when it comes to lift maintenance solutions and can restore even the most knackered old model back to perfect working order. Lift repair from Sheridan Lifts ensures that all elevators function productively and that there is no danger of them breaking down again unexpectedly. What a relief! If you need any advice or just fancy an informal chat then give us a call on 0161 203 6299-we would love to hear from you.