Qualified Lift Engineers

Our Skilled Lift Engineers are Here to Help

You’ve probably seen the commercial, three women stand in front of a lift but the lift services aren’t working. Then, as a song plays in the background, a man appears from where the lift should have opened.

Suspended, high above the ground, popular soft drink in hand, one of the lift engineers has appeared, arriving to save the day; the three women now wearing big grins on their faces, the lift engineer with a knowing smirk on his face.

Ok, so being a lift engineer isn’t and probably will never be that dramatic but it’s still undoubtedly been a worthwhile career move for many of our lift engineers which has given them the key skills needed to work for a successful lift company.

So you’re probably wondering, apart from needing to have the ability to drink soft drinks whilst hanging from faulty lifts, what else did our employees go through to become highly skilled lift engineers?

Our engineers have achieved their qualifications in a number of ways. Many lift engineers have gone down the BTEC route getting a diploma in Building Services Engineering, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic or Operations and Maintenance Engineering.

While others have gone about getting a qualification from the City and Guilds scheme where lift engineers have gone through an apprenticeship, picking up the qualification whilst gaining vital experience which is now put into good practice serving our customers.

Other Skills

Working in lift services requires our employees to have a lot of other skills too. They have the ability to solve problems, have good communication, and they are also handy with computers whilst being organised enough to plan work ahead.

We hope that our customers and potential customers have a better insight into the hard work that’s been put in by our employees to give you the great service that Sheridan Lifts proudly provides.