Ready for Take-Off

If you are fortunate to have the leeway to go off on your hols after all of the schools start the new term, then count yourself lucky! There are so many advantages and benefits to venturing abroad out of season; such as the fact it is cheaper, quieter and much less stressful. You do not particularly want to be disturbed when you are away so you turn off your phone as soon as you arrive at the hotel and leave your laptop at home. What one does not want to have to do when they take a break is answer work e-mails and deal with cantankerous clients, as this should be left until you get back to the office. One of the most annoying things about leaving work for a couple of weeks is when they constantly try to get in touch with you regarding trivial matters which do not have to be dealt with straightaway. Vacations are meant to be a time when you can forget all of the inconveniences and disruptions which you encounter on a day to day basis and focus instead on trying to enjoy yourself. Total relaxation is something which we all crave; and anyone would jump at the chance to chill out on a sun lounger whilst the kids play happily in the pool.

Getting to the airport has been an absolute nightmare and what makes it even more frustrating is that once you eventually reach the terminal you discover that the elevator is out of bounds to passengers for the time being and so you have to resort to lugging huge amounts of baggage up the stairs. Your children are not shy when it comes to voicing their opinions-nor is your other half- and you find yourself having to dodge complaints left, right and centre from the other members of your party. It is the airport’s responsibility to make sure that lift maintenance is carried out on a frequent basis to prevent further delays and setbacks, and it is imperative that the lift maintenance company which they rely on has the knowledge and expertise needed to rectify problems immediately.

So why on earth have Sheridan Lifts not been considered when they are struggling to find a half decent lift servicing organisation which deals primarily with the installation, renovation and upkeep of elevators as well as providing a complete range of lift repairs; both minor and major? We are not bragging when we say that we have furnished countless businesses with the most comprehensive assortment of lift repairs at extremely competitive rates; and their feedback has been nothing but positive. Lift servicing simply must not be carried out half-heartedly as you have to put a great deal of time and effort into choosing the most appropriate course of action if an elevator breaks down unexpectedly.

If you wish to talk to Sheridan Lifts about lift installation and want to find out how we can go about sorting out any issues or complications which you may have then just give us a quick call on 0161 203 6299.