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In Gloucestershire, one of the main attractions is the spacious Eastgate Shopping Centre, which is chock-a-block with outlets bursting with bargains. Everyone loves to indulge in a little retail therapy from time to time; and the city centre attracts crowds from far and wide due to its cosmopolitan nature and historical sights. The grand unveiling of two brand-spanking new passenger elevators is happening on the 1st October; with an official ribbon-cutting ceremony occurring on the 9th; and this event is sure to entice prospective customers as the existing glass lift is somewhat shabby in comparison. Extensive lift refurbishment and repair work will make the city easier to navigate as well as creating a brighter, more modernised look. It is rather difficult getting from A to B if an elevator is out of use; so these lifts are a milestone for the Centre as it will make life far easier for everyone involved.  Gloucester City Council leader Paul James will be certain to attend to oversee proceedings; as it marks a brighter future for Eastgate and the region as a whole.

At Sheridan Lifts, we know all about how effective lift refurbishments can improve things for the greater good and guarantee that passengers travel safely. Our glowing customer testimonials are an indication of all our hard work; as established companies such as the NHS, Tameside College and Laing O’ Rourke have extoled the virtues of our top of the range lift modernisation solutions and have recommended our services to fellow organisations. It is extremely important to move with the times accordingly and take advantage of lift modernisation if your elevators need a bit of an overhaul. We have undertaken large contracts with consummate ease and professionalism and have offered useful and helpful guidance as far as lift planning and installation is concerned.

Lift planning and installation from Sheridan Lifts is absolutely essential if you need to replace existing elevators with more contemporary models, so just give us a call on 0161 203 6299 if you want to discuss matters in further detail.