Renewed Maintenance Contract with Sheridan Lifts – Park Cakes

Sheridan Lifts are delighted to announce we have been awarded the maintenance contract for Park Cakes Bakeries, Oldham for yet another contract term of an additional 3 years.

Sheridan have maintained the lifts on the site for what is our 11th year this year, so the award means that little bit more to us all here at Sheridan! 

We’re incredibly proud of the relationship we have built with the Park Cakes business and senior management, as well as with the bakery staff and support teams.

About Park Cakes

Park Cakes work with all the major supermarkets on the high street, supplying high quality goods that are consumed by millions on a daily basis! They have 15 critical Goods Lifts on-site, which play a significant role in transporting goods to major retail supermarkets such as Marks & Spencer.

How we Support the Park Cakes Team

Sheridan Lifts has an entirely bespoke lift maintenance agreement with Park Cakes to suit the demands of the factory.

Our expertise on the lift equipment installed on-site, along with strict KPI structures in-house, means we have been able to guarantee maximum reliability around the clock for the 24-hour facility. In the majority of cases in our 11-year tenure, we’ve been able to have lift engineers on-site within 30-minutes of a lift malfunction.

Based on this high-level of service, we have been fortunate enough to have the contract renewed each year! 

We are delighted the team in the office and the engineers working on site have been able to retain this client. It is a testament to the hard work we carry out on a daily basis and we look forward to providing an excellent service for another 10 years to come!

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