Why Your Restaurant Could Benefit from a Dumbwaiter


Published on: 27-02-2018

Step inside a commercial restaurant today and you’ll find the hardest working members of staff in the same place as always. The dumbwaiter has become an integral part of the food service industry for a range of reasons. For restaurants, hotels and bars, dumbwaiters work tirelessly, transporting food, drinks and other items up and down floors, all day, every day.

For most modern restaurant chains, service takes place between numerous floors to accommodate a larger kitchen and more seating area for customers. More restaurants are vying for space in inner cities where locations are limited, so the verticality that dumbwaiters allow means more restaurants can be squeezed into smaller areas than ever before.

Could your restaurant use a food lift?


Restaurants need to be more economic than ever before. With rising costs, food lifts can mean less staff overheads, and a more efficient service. When business is not so bustling, being able to save on the expensive luxury of a large workforce can mean the difference between success or failure for a company. Food lifts happily stand in in place of a staff member and doesn’t cost you a penny extra.


As well as saving money, dumbwaiters also save on time. Food lifts are efficient transporters. The motors run at 0.3 metres per second and can move between floors at a rate of 10 seconds per floor.


Transporting extravagant cocktails and delicious plates of food up and down stairs is a disaster waiting to happen, especially on busy nights. Dumbwaiters ensure the safety of your customers and staff whilst helping you maintain good health and safety records.


Key to any food service industry is the need for exceptional hygiene. Enamel and stainless-steel lift finishes mean that your dumbwaiter is easy to maintain and is always clean and tidy.

Dumbwaiters are great investments for restaurants as well as any other catering business.

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