Rochdale Council nominate Sheridan frontline staff for vaccine

Greetings from Sheridan Lifts, I thought it was time for another blog.

During the pandemic, we have been operating as normal and providing essential lift maintenance services across the United Kingdom. It’s just what we do!

Rochdale Council nominate Sheridan frontline staff for vaccine

You may know that we work closely not only with large UK businesses many of them featuring business-critical lifts, but we also work on behalf of our much-valued council contracts within residential homes and directly with the occupants to ensure their key modes of transport are operational and safe.

As such, our engineers undertook enhanced briefings regarding social distancing and the wearing of PPE at all times whilst operating in people’s homes. And because of our work within homes for the elderly and vulnerable, one of our key accounts, Rochdale Borough Council have kindly nominated our engineers to receive the Covid-19 vaccination jab.

This will not only benefit our council residents but also add an extra layer of protection for those additional residents who really need it. We service units in many UK care homes and via our numerous housing association contracts. These vaccinations will therefore provide much needed peace of mind for everyone. So it’s a big thank you for all the team at Sheridan Lifts for this nomination!  

As a business with a strong social conscience, we have been getting involved in all manner of community outreach initiatives throughout the pandemic including sponsoring local charitable events like Christmas Comforts and Big Coat Day, sending out hand-written Christmas cards, making knitted hats and doing regular shopping runs and deliveries for vulnerable people.

We’re proud to offer a helping hand wherever and whenever we can.

So maybe if you need the services of reliable and skilled lift engineers, you’ll consider us. Sheridan Lifts – your socially responsible, family run lift company.