Roll up, roll up!

Here at Sheridan Lifts, we carry out a lot work within the community as we’ve been reporting about right here on our blog. I do hope you’ve been enjoying reading them, and maybe even have been inspired to help someone living in your community as a result.

This work has become especially prevalent following the Coronavirus outbreak, which we know has adversely affected so many people not least those residents whose homes we serve for lift maintenance under our council and social housing contracts. Many of these guys could be vulnerable, living alone or with restricted mobility.

We’ve had engineers throughout the region driving to people’s homes and dropping off food supplies at the request of the councils, and these requests have been facilitated by our service team here in Manchester. Lewis is our caring resident in house shopper! We’re proud to be able to help at all times, but especially in these times of greater need.

Another pursuit we carry out regularly is offering a prize draw for our tenants. Who doesn’t love the chance to win something?! We ask tenants to fill in a feedback form by means of monitoring our own performance, to see if there’s any improvements we can make to our services.

Well, here are this month’s prize winners!

Entries are gathered by ourselves and sent to our clients. Winners were picked out by our client, which in this instance was representatives from Manchester City Council. So, we have:

Our 1st winner (based in Newton Heath) won a £75 Sainsburys Voucher

Our 2nd winner (based in Levenshulme) won a £50.00 ASDA Voucher

Congratulations to both sets of winners!

Remember, if you are resident or relative of a resident reading this post, please do fill out your survey forms to be in with a chance of winning one of these prizes in the future!