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Everyone needs a little boost when they are down in the dumps. You could have had a row with your other half, or have just found out that you have been passed over for promotion yet again when you thought that it was in the bag. Especially seeing as the person who secured the role only came into the company a few months ago, and was in a far more junior position before they moved up the ranks. Life is hard and everyone suffers setbacks, and rejection from time to time. We are all in the same boat and have to graft for our hard earned wages- unless you are a lucky lady of leisure and can afford to take time off to look after the kids or go on long lunches with other affluent types. Not many of us have the privilege of being able to do whatever we want; whenever we want; even if we won a substantial amount of cash at the dogs. The Queen had an excellent day out at Royal Ascot recently when her horse Estimate crossed the finishing line in first place; meaning that she took a fat wad of cash back to Buckingham Palace.  She also made history by being the first reigning monarch to emerge victorious in the race’s 207-year history; so hats off to Her Maj!

We can’t all be as fortunate as Lizzie though. Reality is often much more mundane and run-of-the-mill. Like when you want to use the elevator only to discover that ‘essential lift repair work is being carried out’ again. Lift maintenance has been going on for about two months now, so you would have presumed things would be sorted out. It is extremely irritating when you have to be somewhere on time and are delayed due to traffic and bad weather, so a broken elevator is the final straw. What are these people doing when they should be grafting away? Drinking tea? Reading the paper? Avoiding hard work?

Well here at Sheridan Lifts, we do not shirk responsibilities, nor do we do anything half-heartedly. Our aim is to furnish customers with top of the range lift servicing at affordable prices. Lift maintenance is crucial if you want an elevator to function in a productive and competent manner rather than creaking and stalling every time more than ten passengers get in. Trust us on this one; if you want a job doing well then you can bank on Sheridan Lifts. If you want to find out more about lift maintenance and what it entails then please do not hesitate to contact us on 0161 203 6299.