Service with a Smile

We rarely use our legs as a means of travel as there are so many more convenient ways to get around. If you want to go shopping in Manchester then you can always use the Metroshuttle to get around the thriving, bustling city centre as opposed to walking to and from the Arndale, Printworks and Triangle. It is such a useful mode of transport as it is completely free and a much simpler way to avoid all of the throngs clamouring to net those all-important bargains. You do not want to get stuck in the crowds, especially if it is as boiling hot as it has been recently. Parking your car can prove difficult as there is only a limited amount of space available and you can find yourself driving around aimlessly for hours on end. Often, people end up leaving their vehicle at home and brave the bus or train instead as it saves on petrol costs and does not mean that you have to endure the trials and tribulations of finding a space which will house even the smallest of automobiles. The reason why Smart cars, Minis and Micras are so popular in larger areas is primarily due to the fact that they are rather compact and will fit into tiny places. If you own a larger vehicle such as an Astra, Audi or Alfa Romeo then it can be incredibly difficult to manoeuvre into awkward spots.

After you have settled the automobile versus public transport debacle, it is now safe to say that you have come to the conclusion that whatever the outcome, you are still privy to stresses and strains on the road. Cyclists blocking the bus route can turn even the most placid individual into a ball of vitriol and slow moving cars are instant triggers for spouts of road rage. Many of us have encountered terrible displays of motoring prowess when on our travels and it is made even worse by the knowledge that once you arrive at your destination you then have to climb a multitude of stairs to reach the office as the lift has completely conked out. The promise of lift repair work has been on the cards for a good few weeks now but nothing seems to have progressed any further.

It is not as if lift servicing is rocket science as all that needs to be done is a few tweaks here and there and the elevator would be up and running again in a jiffy. Sheridan Lifts are ever so efficient and competent when it comes to top of the range lift servicing and we even offer a number of bespoke packages if you are on a shoestring budget. Our lift engineers successfully tackle tricky tasks and undertake all aspects of lift repair with the greatest proficiency and aptitude. Seeing as we have been key players in the lift servicing industry for well over 30 years you can afford to trust us when it comes to lift servicing as we have dealt with each and every model you can think of, from ancient, rickety elevators to new-fangled, modern designs. If you want to have an informal discussion with one of our friendly, welcoming lift engineers then please do not hesitate to give Sheridan Lifts a call today on 0161 203 6299. We are on hand to help with any sort of problem, no matter how inconsequential it may seem.