Sheridan lift services install New Lifts at Stay City Apartments.

The lifts are fitted in an iconic building in the Centre of Manchester. The building is located on the approach to Piccadilly station and is unique by its design.

Apartments and Hotels are being refurbished across the city as well new building being constructed.

Sheridan Lift services can provide the complete package including all building works.

Our lift has the option of steel structures. This can be very cost effective on some projects when compared with the cost of building lift shafts.

As well fitting the new passenger lifts to carry clients to their rooms, we also installed goods lifts.

This allows the housekeeping to carry out their duties throughout the day and night. At peak times, the lifts can be very busy and having purpose built goods lifts particular for trades and housekeeping can be very useful.

At Sheridan’s we have the full capabilities to design all your lift requirements.

From high speed lifts to small dumbwaiters for the kitchen lifts.

Sheridan Lifts operate across the UK installing lifts.

All the lifts are provided with a 2 year warranty subject to terms and conditions.

Whether you are in the commercial market or the domestic market, contact our sales department for a no obligation free quotation email: or call 0161 203 6299 and speak to our friendly sales team!