Sheridan | lift services | offer diverse types of maintenance arrangements.

Sheridan | lift services | offer diverse types of maintenance arrangements.

One type of maintenance schedule in particular that Sheridan lifts provide is the lift service to the food processing plants in the northwest.

Cleanliness is paramount to lift machinery as well as the types of lubricants specifically for food factory as set out in the HSE food hygiene guide lines

At Sheridan’s our lift service PPM is designed to make sure that the lifts comply with all regulations and it all revolves around the health & safety of both passengers and the goods they are carrying.

As expected, we use all the precautions to restrict contamination when we use items like oil & lubricants.

A lot of the sites environments are dry atmosphere. So, the working components that need detailed lift services need extra care.

As part of the general shut down for the plants for a deep clean, we work close with our clients to insure all equipment is in the best condition and any worn parts are replaced at the same time

So, the next time you are eating your breakfast, having your lunch or tea you can be sure that it’s more than likely that Sheridan lifts have had some part in transporting the food from the processing plants to your table.

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