Sheridan Lifts Christmas Party

So, it’s the Monday after the Christmas party…and the awkward first stages of making any eye contact are coming to end! What a night it was too!

We had a great turnout on Friday with our in-house team and lift engineers coming together to celebrate Christmas, as well as the success that we’ve had this year. The party began down at The Mitre Hotel in Manchester city centre, in which they put out a delightful spread which was unexpected and we treated our team by putting a sum of money behind the bar. We won’t tell you how much and how much we actually paid! Everyone was in high spirits and had a good time together. A few more drinks later, we ventured down to another couple of bars in Manchester and you could say this is when the party really began! There were some dance moves and singing that maybe should be left behind closed doors, but no one seemed to be miffed by them, in fact, we got everyone busting some moves with us! The party was still going strong through to the early hours of Saturday morning along with a few sore heads!

It was great to see our lift engineers and our entire Sheridan Lifts team coming together out of work. We’ve just got Secret Santa to get out the way now this week…dread to think what people have bought each other!

Sheridan Lifts certainly had their swagger on!