Application:                               Office accommodation

Location:                                     Midlands

Project completion date:   December 2012

Sheridan Lifts received an approach from a reputable Insurance company in the West Midlands in the winter of 2012.

The building had suffered some severe water damage, and as a result rendered the lift unusable.

Having carried out a thorough assessment of the lift shaft the very next day, Sheridan Lifts set to work on finding the perfect solution for the customer, given the fact that the building needed to be operational whilst any lift works were carried out.

Time was of the essence, as at best, you could only describe the building as partially operational, with no lift, and the building being 4 storeys high.

A decision was taken to remove the existing lift equipment, and to replace the existing installation with a new SL800 Impact Lift – the Impact range being the flagship range for Sheridan Lifts.

The new 10 person traction lift not only looks better, but users have also commented on an exceptional ride quality and the general improvement it has made to the feel of the building.

The complete project, from order to hand-over, was completed in the matter of 6 working weeks, thanks to Sheridan Lifts being able to procure a new lift on a 4 week manufacturing slot, and the committed attitude of the directly employed, Sheridan Lifts installation team.

Our client was extremely pleased by not only the minimal disruption to his building (the noisier elements of the installation had to take place out of hours due to the close proximity of the office) but also with the application and care taken by the installation team to ensure that whole project ran smoothly.

Sheridan Lifts turned a nightmare situation into a pleasurable experience.

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