Sheridan Lifts Donates Life-Saving Equipment to Local Nursery

Sheridan Lifts were delighted to be able to step in this week and donate a Heart Defibrillator to the local community in Failsworth, Manchester.

With healthcare technology changing every day, our doctors, nurses, and healthcare manufacturers are always looking at ways to improve response times on life-saving treatment, with defibrillators now present throughout our communities.

Our Director Daniel Sheridan recently stepped in when he heard that a local nursery, Kidz Matter, were fundraising to purchase this life saving equipment.

Speaking of the donation, Daniel had this to say:

“When we saw that Kidz Matter were looking for donations to have a defibrillator sourced, it was a no brainer for use. With our Social Value ethics running deep Nationwide, working with the local councils and housing associations an as a local family run business, we see it as our duty to serve the community in any way we can. Obviously, we hope this will never have to be used but the community can rest easy knowing that this will be readily available when required. You cant put a cost on a persons life and if this saves just one persons life it will be worthwhile.

A defibrillator is its most effective when administered within the first minute of someone collapsing. If used within the first minute, the survival rate can be as high as 90% so the locations of the equipment is pivotal where it is required.

More information can be found on the link below on how and when to use the equipment:

Sheridan Lifts Donates Life-Saving Equipment to Local Nursery