Sheridan Lifts new Payment plans for lift Modernisations

Lift modernisation over the last 5 years on a whole has been at the sharp end of the austerity measures on building upgrades. Most maintenance budgets have been under pressure to cut back on expenditure.

Cutting out the waste in any responsible firm is critical, but how far is too far? We had a client who came to us because there lift was breaking down and the costs of maintaining the lift was increasing each month. The lift was dated and parts were obsolete. It was clear there lift supplier was taking advantage of the condition of the lift and some of the costs for the breakdowns we could of cleared the nation’s debt.

They were throwing good money after bad. Our modernisation department carried out a dilapidation report on the lift. Together with our superb payment plan offered the client the reliability of their lift, whilst reducing the maintenance cost annually.

Incredibly, the cost they were paying in breakdowns over the year, was more than they could have paid to have their lift refurbished over a fixed term saving them thousands of pounds.

Lift refurbishment within the car itself, or if you require a full complete modernisation; our team will provide you with the best options for you.

If you are in a similar situation either with 1 lift, or in charge of larger commercial lifts please call our lift modernisation department for full details of our products, service’s including our new payment plans.