Sheridan Lifts send handwritten Christmas Cards to all of Rochdale Council’s Customers

Season’s greetings everyone! I wanted to tell you that we’ve been out and about in the community again doing our level best to promote some good festive cheer amongst the general public.

In addition to our role as an essential service business in the wake of the ongoing pandemic (boo), where we carry out maintenance contracts for clients of all sizes from Kelloggs to independent companies – we never lose sight of our core, family orientated values. And if we can help those in need, we do!

sheridan staff collage

In times like these, where people are isolated and often alone – Christmas can be a hard enough time without a lockdown to compound matters even further. That’s why we take it upon ourselves to be proactive, thoughtful and kind.

Speaking of proactive and kind, this latest endeavour was organised by our Key Account Manager, Lewis Gordon, who tells us:

“This has been a real office group effort in purchasing, writing and posting over 130 cards for our customers on the Rochdale Council Contract, and its proved to be a really rewarding little project.

sheridan lifts staff collage

“All the cards should now have been delivered to people within the borough, and we’re starting to get some nice feedback too.

“So far we have a had a few phones calls of thanks and even one photo of our customers receiving the cards (Mrs Loftus, pictured below – loving the Christmas jumper but not sure our MUFC supporting directors would agree!).

mrs loftus

We did this to spread some warmth into the community as we all know it’s been a rather bleak and challenging year, and just getting that Christmas Card might make someone feel that little bit happier”

This is what you get from using a company like Sheridan Lifts.

We are company who cares about our customers and our community, and having that personal touch is really what sets us apart from our competitors.

Do get in touch if we can help with anything.

sheridan staff collage