Sheridan Lifts with their biggest ever contract win!

Sheridan Lifts are pleased to have been awarded the lift maintenance contracts for Stockport Homes Group.

This award will increase Sheridan’s already heavy presence in the Stockport Borough and will have us responsible for over 430 lifts.

The lifts in question are a mixture of commercial and domestic lifting equipment.

The appointment will be for an initial period of three years, commencing on the Contract award date and, subject to satisfactory performance, there will be a possible extension of up to two years on agreement between the parties.

Service Director Chris Chadwick completed the tender on behalf of Sheridan Lifts, here is what he had to say about the win;

Sheridan Lifts with their biggest ever contract win!
Chris Chadwick of Sheridan Lifts

“The award of the Stockport Homes contract speaks absolute volumes on how far we have come as a business, this is a huge achievement and one I am personally thrilled with winning.

“When the tender was first released I emailed the directors and told them this is one contract in particular that I was determined to win.

“The tender process was very in depth and took a lot of thinking outside the box, the prequalification questionnaire was split up over 7 sections and had a response limit of 12,000 words so I had plenty to talk about in our response”.

On completion of the prequalification and the pricing schedule we submitted our tender.

A couple of weeks had passed and we were contacted to confirm alongside several other lift companies we had been invited to stage 2 of the procurement process.

Stage 2 was interview stage and allowed us to elaborate on our tender submission in front of a panel of 4 Stockport Homes Representatives.

Sheridan Lifts with their biggest ever contract win!

It was a case of just sitting tight after this and awaiting on the decision of award which came not to soon after. Chris continues:

“When I joined Sheridan in 2011 it was a contract of this magnitude that I set personal goals to achieve, I honestly believe this is a perfect cultural fit for the business and I am really looking forward to mobilising in preparation for the contract start date.”

Sheridan Lifts Service team will now work through the mobilisation process to ensure a seamless transition into the new service, the award of this contract now sees Sheridan as the chosen lift service provider to the majority of the housing associations and local authorities across the North West !!

So if you reside in Stockport don’t be surprised if you see even more of our vans around the SK postcodes!

Sheridan Lifts with their biggest ever contract win!