Sheridan’s handover 2 lifts in Edinburgh, Scotland

A nice little one for the portfolio here and another successful job north of the border.

The Innkeeper’s Lodge are a chain of quality budget hotels in the UK, often attached to public houses, and carry a good reputation for their hearty meals and clean affordable bedrooms.

Sheridan Lifts have recently been on site at The Melville Inn, Edinburgh where we have now handed over two, 10-person passenger lifts to our client ETP.

Located in Lasswade, Dalkeith within the Edinburgh Butterfly & Insect World – The Melville Inn is a lovely country pub /hotel with a prevailing sense of peace and relaxation. Take a look at the pictures below, I can almost imagine myself there on a warm summer’s day with a nice cool pint!

InnkeeperS Lodge Melville Inn Edinburgh Dalkeith photos Exterior 1


Sheridan Lifts were selected for this job following successful tender process for double lift installation on site. For this job, one new shaft was installed by builders ready for us to utilise whilst the second lift was installed within an existing empty shaft on the site.

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The lifts are now fully installed, tested and have been handed over to the client

Here are a few shots from inside the lift cabin along with the signature Sheridan Lifts signage.

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