Sheridan’s have No Achilles Heal when it comes to Compliance

Sheridan Lifts take health and safety, the environment and their organisation procedures very seriously. To demonstrate this Sheridan Lifts now are accredited by over 15 National and worldwide recognised Accreditation bodies that vigorously moderate our processes to ensure consistency in our commitment on all fronts.

Over the past months Sheridan Lifts have been working hard to achieve the Achilles Building Confidence Accreditation. This has involved providing clear cut evidence of our processes and procedures that are in place.

“Achilles” helps businesses identify and manage potential risks in their supply chain in order to protect people, planet and profits. They qualify, evaluate and monitor suppliers on behalf of some of the world’s largest companies such as Network Rail, Aston Martin, EDF Energy and the Nokia Group.

In terms of construction, “Achilles Buyers” (our target cliental) utilise the Building Confidence system to approve and select their preferred subcontractors…due to the strict guidelines of compliance, Achilles accredited contractors offer a level of security and faith when selecting who you work with.

Due to the highly regarded reputation of Achilles companies accredited have been involved in a number of large projects such as the Unilever-House, which is a large eight storey building with a glass atrium, six glass lifts and four internal suspended meeting areas and a green roof garden in Central London. Also the Shard in London was built by a construction company who deals solely with Achilles Accredited Suppliers. The Shard is a 1016 feet (approx 309 Metres)high building containing office space, a hotel, apartments, restaurants and viewing galleries. It was the first building in Europe to successfully install a ‘Jump Lift’ which is a self-climbing elevator system, the lift functions by using the building’s permanent shaft during the construction phase and moves higher or ‘jumps’ in the shaft as the building gets taller. It allows shaft construction and lift installations to continue and the higher levels while the lift is operating in the same shaft at the lower levels below a protection deck. The innovative approach enables the lift shafts to be used to aid construction at the same time as they are fitted out with permanent cars and put into service as construction progresses.

Sheridan Lifts now have the opportunity to tender and work with companies on projects like these and we would like you to continue you with us on our journey.

If you would like to hear and view some of our projects, please contact one of the team