Sheridan’s offer another helping hand

Hi there everyone.

I just wanted to tell you a nice little story for a Friday. The sun is shining, and Sheridan Lifts have been out helping the community again.

We received an email from a Neighbourhood Officer representing the districts of Moston and Charlestown in Manchester, requesting our assistance with a vulnerable lady who was struggling to get food provisions delivered in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Step forward the superb team at Sheridan Lifts. Here is the lady in question receiving her food parcel from her local Sheridan Lifts engineer. As you can see, she has given us a big beaming smile to illustrate her happiness!

Sheridan’s offer another helping hand

Lewis took it upon himself to be proactive, such was his keenness to help and provide some relief for this lady.

Here at our company, our service team members are not just selected on their ability to do their job, but also on their personality and whether they fit into the culture of our family run business. It’s safe to say Lewis ticks all those boxes and more.

“It’s just amazing to be able to make a difference, especially with all the negativity around at the minute” Lewis commented

“What might seem like a small act to us can actually be a pretty big deal to someone else, and I find that an incredibly rewarding thing about my job”

Lewis had got the shopping list by email and personally gone out to the shops to pick up these items for the lady. What a star!

Sheridan’s offer another helping hand