Site check: Brother UK International, Manchester

I’ve been out on the road again today, meeting one of our engineers on site to hear about some of the work we regularly undertake as part of our lift maintenance contract with a key client.

I was greeted by a beautiful winters morning as I left Stockport today, crisp underfoot with the rays of sunshine bursting in through my windscreen as I made the short hop across the M60 and over to Audenshaw, Manchester.

We’ve been looking after Brother UK International for a number of years now.

Site check: Brother UK International, Manchester

Their site features several units across 3 different buildings and I met up with engineer John Sheridan first thing who was kind enough to talk me through and show me first-hand the kind of procedures that form the basis of his regular lift maintenance checks.

We began in the motor room where he explained how the wiring in ‘the brains’ correlated to certain sections of the lifts functionality before checking the oil levels and visually sight testing all of the connections and paperwork from previous visits.

Site check: Brother UK International, Manchester

Then it was time to visit one of the hydraulic lifts where he would continue his checks, driving the lift up and down in test mode and carrying out checks on the shaft lighting, guide rails, magnets and connectors, electronic doors and stop switch amongst others. He was extremely thorough with his procedures, as you would expect.

I wasn’t just looking either as I accompanied him on top of the lift to get a real taste of the action.

It wasn’t the largest lift or shaft so care had to be taken as to where we were stepping. I took a few pictures too as you can see.

Site check: Brother UK International, Manchester

After carefully stepping out of the lift I left John to it to continue his checks.

It was great to get out and about this week and I look forward to further trips and lifts in the coming weeks and months as I expand and broaden my knowledge and experience with our favourite form of transport.