Spotlight on: The lifts at IKEA

The lifts at IKEA are great, aren’t they?

Those huge spaces can get loads of people and trolleys in, but they do also leave a lot of people scratching their heads. Here’s what we’ve noticed.

Which one?
In the foyer there are about 4 entrance points for different lifts, on busy days its an awful lot of fun seeing people hedging their bets, then dashing to the lift when the doors open. The disappointment on faces of customers is palpable if they’ve chosen the wrong one. Unlucky my dear! You’ll have to wait for the next one!

Spotlight on: The lifts at IKEA

Front or back?
Once inside the lift, nobody ever knows which way the doors are going to open. For us in the lift industry, we know! But watching people facing the wrong direction and then finding themselves last in the queue to get out is quite satisfying, especially as they tend to be the people who were going to push in front of you!

Mind yourself!
These lifts are monumentally large in size, so why do I always have someone clattering me with their trolley wheels?! To be fair those trolleys do have a mind of their own, its hilarious watching people try and steer them in a straight line when they’re overloaded with MALM bookcases and tallboys that they’re going to struggle to wedge in their car!

Spotlight on: The lifts at IKEA

Stop eating!
Children wolfing into large ice creams in the lift please take note, I get it, I was young once too! But please be aware that I want one and its upsetting that you have one and I don’t as I’m a grown adult. Number 2 it is hard enough for me to control my trolley without having to mind out for a child who is preoccupied tucking into a Mr Whippy and not looking where they are going.

When all is said and done and its time to go home, those trusty lifts are a lifesaver if like me, your wife has overloaded you with shopping (and maxed out your credit card).

After exiting the lift do try and remember where you’ve parked your car, as I can’t remember the last time I went to IKEA and didn’t end up wandering around aimlessly like a lost sheep!

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