“THE 1970’s”

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By Tony Sheridan

Published on: 26-03-2012

Managing Director of Sheridan Lifts

“The 1970’s”

  • The average price of a house in the UK was just £5,000
  • Large side-burns were the latest hair design fashion (in some parts of Yorkshire it still is……)
  • Leeds United were the dominant force in English and European football, either winning a trophy or finishing runners up on no less than eleven occasions
  • You could enjoy a relaxing pint of the finest real ales in your local pub for just 10 pence
  • A packet of cigarettes cost on average just 30 pence
  • A litre of petrol cost just 7 pence
  • The average UK worker earned between £1,800 and £4,000 per year

The 1970’s also saw the creation of Sheridan Lifts by Stanley Sheridan, himself a highly respected engineer in the industry.

Sheridan Lifts today differs greatly from the company first established by Stanley Sheridan, and the company has been passed down through the generations.

Rather uniquely, Sheridan Lifts are turning the clock back to go forward as Stanley Sheridan’s grandson Anthony Sheridan took time to explain:

“Many businesses spend time looking to come across a magic formula of earning potential. Sheridan Lifts will always remain true to the company first setup by my grand-father as myself and the fellow directors recognise the importance in maintaining the heritage of the business.”

“Sheridan Lifts are keen to grow, and have undertaken a mass expansion, and we feel that the mix that we have assembled of family members and industry experts, as well as the launch of the Sheridan Academy where we will be creating tomorrows managers today, leaves us in a perfect situation.”

With turnover increasing by a whopping 40% from last years total, and further projected mass growth, exciting times lie ahead for Sheridan Lifts