The Benefits of Seven Lift Modernisations

If your business has a lift system installed, then it is important to keep it well maintained so that you are getting your moneys worth. A poorly maintained lift will soon end up costing a business a lot of money in unnecessary repairs.

As well as regular maintenance, it is important that elevators are kept up to date with ever changing modernisations. New list modernisations are released all the time; some will improve the efficiency of the system whilst others will help increase the security and safety of passengers.

Let’s take a look at seven of the most common elevator modifications and the benefits that each can bring:

  1. Installing A Redundant Brake System

Most older lifts have a single brake which can lead to ineffective braking should the brake fail. With a redundant braking system installed, should any error occur, the lift will be able to stop safely and securely.

  1. Unintended Car Movement Protection Device On The Brake System

Unintended lift car movement is the main cause for lift misalignment and ultimately responsible for a large number of accidents through trips and falls. Movement protection devices makes sure passengers are safer as they go in and out of lifts by ensuring the lift doesn’t move out of alignment.

  1. Install an Ascending Car Overspeed Protection Device

These devices prevent any overspeeding of ascending lifts, ultimately improving passenger safety and the reliability of the lift operation.

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  1. Install Car Door Mechanical Lock and Door Safety Edge

With this installed, passengers are unable to forcibly open the lift doors and prevents people from being struck by lift doors as they close. This improves the safety of passengers entering and exiting the lift.

  1. Add Intercom and CCTV

Enabling trapped passengers communication with management staff is the best way to put them at ease should something go wrong and to ensure a speedy rescue if they become trapped.

  1. Install Obstruction Switches to Protect Suspension Ropes

When counterweights are obstructed and the motor is operating, excessive wear and tear occurs on the suspension ropes and sheaves. This additional device prevents that excessive wear from happening.

  1. Add Automatic Rescue Device

Avoid passengers becoming trapped during power cuts and increase the reliability of lift operations with this lift modernisation.