The Brexit Effect on Lift Supply Chain

I write to provide information regarding our strategy on Brexit. Ahead of any disclosures from parliament, I can confirm that we are fully prepared for the different scenarios that could occur since UK-based projects contribute significantly towards the development of our company.

Prior to receiving any questions, with a view of demonstrating our initiative, we’d like to firstly comment as follows:

Most importantly, we trust in the end that common sense will prevail no matter what political tactics are staged at this point between the EU and the United Kingdom. Even if we can’t foresee the future at this stage we see the situation as follows:


In terms of certification and standards, we have already received positive response to our current concerns. All EU certification remains valid for importation to the UK. The EN Norms are applicable until further notice and there is no sign of changing towards a national standardisation for at the least the next three years.


Should we have to face a hard Brexit scenario, we do expect some short-term slowdown until new custom regulations are installed. We are in high confidence that borders will not be blocked and that a cohesive changeover procedure will be established.

The Brexit Effect on Lift Supply Chain

Tony Sheridan – MD of Sheridan Lifts

Between ourselves and the supply chain, we have sufficient stock to deliver common spare parts for typically 2-3 months. Our main partners also carry stock of replacement components stocked in the UK such that should the unexpected occur, a replacement component/unit can be dispatched with immediate effect.

In addition to and due to our other worldwide commitments  we export and import  into many non-EU Countries and we have a reliable supply chain we can turn to in the event of Hard Brexit.

Our company owners within Sheridan Lifts have implemented a Brexit team to cater for all possible scenarios to ensure continuation of our supply line. In addition we are well connected with the EU-Commission to receive early warnings on any procedural changes, in which we will update all clients possibly affected.

Ultimately, the above procedures will protect our customers. However, with all that said and done, we do have a ‘plan-B’ if required and that would involve outsourcing manufacturing on a ‘build-to-print basis’ with a fully certified, UK-based manufacturing company which has been recognised across the Lift and Escalator industry. Being an independent owned and operated company we keep all avenues open with our supply chain allowing flexibility in the immediate and far fields of the industry, although this may provide cost implications in the worst case scenario it will ultimately reduce any delay during this process and transition.

We  trust the above reassures you and your colleagues of our taking to the necessary steps to ensure that our supply chain and as importantly, our commitment as Sheridan Lifts is not affected in any way.

If you require any further information at this stage, please don’t hesitate to contact me.