The Glass Works Barnsley – Regeneration update

Two years is a long time in the world of construction, especially when you throw in a global pandemic right in the middle of it!

Back in April 2019, I told you about Sheridan Lifts being at the forefront of the regeneration of Barnsley town centre and their brand new Glass Works development. Well, fast forward 22 months and whilst the total regeneration of the town centre is still some way from completion, all of the brand new lifts have gone in! Here’s a sneak peak…

passenger lifts at the glass works

We have fitted a total of 7 new passenger lifts in various locations on the site as well as two escalators within the cinema complex (pictures of those coming soon) with platform lifts and dumbwaiters also on the order list.

You can see here the cinema complex where the escalators are situated.

cinema complex at the glass works

Speaking about developments on site was our Project Manager Mas’ud Mallick:

“It has been a real pleasure to work with our client Henry Boot Construction on this project, and I really mean that. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with them from the very start and seeing this come to fruition”

“Whilst it’s been something of a long wait, it’s really not bad considering the circumstances.

passenger lift at the glass works

“The people of Barnsley and surrounding areas will no doubt be delighted when all this work is completed and the town centre is rejuvenated with these amazing new shops, restaurants and leisure facilities”

The building works are split into zones A-D and these are at various stages of completion as we go to press today. Once the site is fully complete we will post a subsequent update with more photographs.

I will most likely jump in the car and head over there too as it really does look worth the short hop across the Pennines.

lift shaft internal

Great work from our engineers, sub-contractors and everyone else involved with this project.

Lifts are looking good, hope you all agree!

passenger lifts at the glass works

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