The things that are caught on CCTV

A man in South Korea cheated death this month when the lift he stepped into almost cut him in half! The whole thing was caught on the lift CCTV. As the man steps into the lift the whole thing continues to move upwards and he hangs half in and half out of the lift. He clings on unsure what to do, whether to pull himself into the space or to try and push himself back out? As the lift becomes dangerously close to cutting him in half he decides to go with the second option and pushed himself out of the loft and, thankfully, to safety. Talk about a close call!

As you can imagine, health and safety is a massive priority when it comes to lifts – especially passenger lifts that are carrying high volumes of the public. South Korean safety regulations dictate that movement sensors be installed in the country’s lifts so the incident shouldn’t have been able to occur, however, this particular lift was fitted in 1999 – before the new regulations came into law.

Here at Sheridan lifts, we are certified to OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 and we work to the Lift Regulations 1997 and BS7255 (safe working on lifts). We are also members of the Lift and Escalator Industry Association (LEIA) and the LEIA Quality and Technical Committee. Safety in our passenger lifts is our number one priority to ensure nothing like the incident in South Korea happens with any of our lifts.