Things To Consider if You Are Installing A Home Lift

Home lifts provide a way for elderly or disabled individuals to regain their independence at home. New designs and technology can be fitted to any size or shape of home, because companies know that every home is different.

If the time has come when you, or someone you know, needs a home lift installed, then it is important to ask yourself the following questions before you have one installed.

How Much Space Is There?

It is crucial that the lift you order fits the space you have available. Commercial buildings have much more space available than the average home, so specifications have to be worked out before any lifts can be installed.

Who Will Be Using The Lift?

The answer to this question will allow lift installers to design a lift that will suit the clients needs perfectly. If the user is in a wheelchair, their needs will be different to those that require crutches to move around. Lifts can be designed to accommodate wheelchairs, whilst some can be used for one purpose and not for others.

How Big Will The Lift Be?

The homeowner’s needs are of paramount importance when installing a residential lift. It is also crucial that the homeowner retains as much of their home space as possible without the lift encroaching too much into that space.

The size of the elevator will impact on the final cost, energy consumption and capacity as well as other elements. Therefore, it is important to find the perfect balance in order to keep costs as affordable for the buyer whilst providing them everything they need.

How Many Storeys Will The Lift Travel?

Some residential lifts are not designed to travel multiple floors so ascertaining the distance the user needs to travel is important in the design stage.

Sheridan lifts provides a wide range of platform lifts and other residential lifts that can be fitted into most homes.