Three Factors Influencing Pricing in Lift Companies

With many, if not most modern buildings being equipped with a lift, it is not hard to see how or why lift companies have become an essential part of western society.

Still, as happens with the majority of other service providers, these companies charge proportionately to the services they provide. While most, including Sheridan Lifts, go out of their way to ensure their prices are as low as possible, there are nonetheless a number of factors which will inevitably influence how much or how little lift companies are able to charge their customers. Perhaps the three most significant among these factors are listed below.

Parts and Materials

Parts and materials are naturally the main factor influencing pricing for most lift companies, including Sheridan Lifts. Any quote a lift company gives a customer has to account for the price of the parts and tools without which the job would be impossible to carry out.

Travel Costs

Travel costs may also factor into quotes lift companies provide for their customers. While not true of every company, some do include the price of gas or public transportation into quotes for jobs further afield than their usual area of operation. This is a common practice carried out by many service companies across all fields, and it does occasionally apply to lift companies as well.


Finally, the general majority of quotes provided by lift companies, or indeed any service companies across the spectrum, always account for workmanship. Any company will want to ensure they hire the best possible professionals from the pool available, and these professionals, in turn, deserve to be adequately rewarded for their work. As such, it is hardly surprising that man-hours are another of the main factors influencing pricing and quotes for lift companies, or service companies in general.

When requesting pricings from lift companies, customers should therefore bear in mind that these aspects will all have factored into the price quoted.