Three Services Customers Should Expect From Lift Companies

There are many different types of lift companies. Some are internationally renowned, while others, like Sheridan lifts, have more of a local reputation. However, even despite these differences, there are a number of traits they all should share. Unfortunately, while many lift companies strive to provide their clients with the best possible value for money, some are content to offer sub-standard service.

As such, customers should be discerning when selecting a company to install or repair their lifts. This includes making sure said company offers a few basic services, which should never be considered optional. Listed below are the three main services we at Sheridan Lifts believe all reputable lift companies should offer.

Customer Care

It is not enough to simply install someone’s lift and leave them to it. Lift companies should strive to make sure customers are fully satisfied, both by answering their queries prior to contracting the company’s services and by offering after-care. At Sheridan, we do both, and it is a major part of why our customers invariably leave satisfied!


Lift companies should always be available to perform upgrades on outdated lifts or assist customers wishing to switch to a more modern type, even when said lift was not initially installed by them. After all, there is probably a reason the customer now requesting their services sought out a different company from last time…


There is no need to detail exactly why a warranty on something like a lift is not only important, but essential. We are unsure if there are any lift companies out there not offering warranties on their services, but if there are, they should obviously be dismissed straight away.

These are the services we here at Sheridan Marketing feel customers have a right to demand from lift companies. Fortunately, we offer each and every one of them ourselves!