Three Ways to Find Lift Companies

In modern society, lift companies are more widespread and prolific than they have ever been before; consequently, a property manager is now faced with a wider choice than ever before when looking for a company to hire for installation and maintenance of their lift.

Unfortunately, with many of the traditional resources, like the Yellow Pages or print newspapers, falling out of favour and advertising for this type of company moving to other environments, many customers find themselves at a loss as to where to look for lift companies to potentially hire. The lines below offer three places where property owners in this situation can currently go to assess their options.


Gumtree is the online equivalent of an ads page in a physical newspaper. This resource is used by a multitude of services Britain-wide, and lift companies are no exception. Being free to browse, and allowing users to send free e-mails to service providers, it is hardly surprising that so many businesses choose to advertise through Gumtree!


Yelp is a free business listing and reviewing platform, where customers who have used a particular service or provider can leave their review of said provider. Yelp’s listings include a number of lift companies, including Sheridan Lifts, so customers wanting to compare the different options available within a certain area might find this resource very useful.


FreeIndex works in a similar manner to Yelp, with customers leaving reviews and feedback for services provided by a certain company. As with Yelp, many lift companies are included in said listings, with Sheridan Lifts being no exception. Like with Yelp, the possibility of browsing consumer reviews makes this an excellent way for customers to assess and compare lift companies within their area.

These are, then, three ways for consumers to find and compare lift companies in their area. If you are on this page, however, you may not need such information; Sheridan Lifts is already one of the best-rated providers in Northwest England!