Three Ways a Lift Company Can Modernise a Lift

Lifts have become, since their inception, an essential part of human society, facilitating vertical motion and reducing the effort of getting from point A to point B. As such, it is nearly impossible to imagine a multi-storey building erected in the past half a century which is not equipped with one.

Still, like most other mechanical devices, lifts can become outdated and obsolete, or begin to malfunction with old age. That is why one of the key services offered by any western lift company is modernisation, that is to say, the installation of upgrades on old or outdated lifts, mainly covering the three areas detailed below.


Switching out old-fashioned, unintuitive buttons to more modern, responsive ones is one of the most common types of lift modernisation work a lift company will carry out. Being both a relatively simple and a highly useful upgrade, this type of work tends to be requested by many customers.


The ‘logic’ of an elevator is what allows it to respond to commands given by the user. Many older lifts can only process one logic command at a time, and customers often seek to modernise these older devices so that they can process a sequence of several commands. While trickier than others on this list, this is a service a lift company like Sheridan Lifts is capable of executing as well.


Finally, the engine is perhaps the one part of a lift the average lift company is most frequently called upon to update. This is because lift engines tend to become outdated fairly quickly, causing the lift to underperform. Modernisation is the easiest way around this issue, and can ensure continued performance and extended lifespan for the lift in question.

These are only the three most common types of modernisation work a lift company like Sheridan Lifts is called upon to do. Customers wanting something not on this list should feel free to contact us and find out if we can help!