Top Tips For Platform Lift Maintenance

A badly maintained platform lift is a recipe for disaster; lift accidents can be dangerous – if not fatal.

It is vital that when a business invests in a platform lift that they understand that the instalment of the system isn’t the end of the story. With all heavy equipment, good safety practices need to be adhered to, to ensure accidents are avoided. Good maintenance will make sure your lift lasts longer and guarantee that users are safe.

The fact that platform lifts are used less often than other lift systems means problems can go unnoticed until they become dangerous. Check out our helpful tips on how to properly maintain your platform lift:

Check Lift Parts

All the different components of the lift should be checked regularly to ensure everything is in good working order. This includes the controls, including the emergency controls; the hydraulic system, as well as electrical, pneumatic and air systems.

Check that insulation is intact and undamaged. If there are warnings or instructions posted on the lift itself, make sure they are clearly visible. Check guardrails, wiring and cable harnesses are sturdy and strong. Check each part for wear and tear on a regular basis. If any parts are missing, loose or otherwise dysfunctional, make sure they are booked in for replacement before the lift is used again.

Work Area

After checking the lift system itself, it is important to check the area immediately surrounding it. Ensure all access points are of an even surface. Ensure there are no holes or bumps that will prevent the lift from aligning correctly. Clear any obstructions to the lift to ensure a smooth connection. Weather conditions can affect the lift so vary what you’re searching for depending on the location of your lift.

Safety Standards

Your examinations should follow work safety standards, so make sure all your employees are familiar with the equipment and are proficient in operating it. Thorough training should be given to all staff that will be using the lift. You can also consider posting additional safety information in the work area surrounding your platform lifts.