Up Where We Belong

“Love lift us up where we belong
Far from the world below
Up where the clear winds blow”

Joe Cocker sure is an old romantic. He may not be as swarthy as Englebert-nor as smooth as Sir Tom- but he still possesses oodles of wrinkly charm. The ladies swoon when he is on stage crooning beautiful ballads in his seductively croaky voice, and fills up stadiums whenever he goes on tour. The notion that you can travel to a place where no one has been before with the person you love is rather wonderful, as it is just the two of you against the world. No one can ruin the special moments you have shared, as together you are invincible. What a touching sentiment. Mr Cocker obviously has never been the recipient of screaming barneys at 1 o’clock in the morning, nor has he got to get up ten times in the night to change the baby. And if he ever found himself in a bit of a pickle due to a jammed elevator then what would he do? Recently, a man was stuck in a lift for four whole days and only survived due to his medical training. Thomas Fleetwood became trapped in the deserted Hotel Eden, Austria, whilst travelling to the ground floor. He remained cool, calm and collected in the time he was there, making plans for the future and sorting affairs out in his head.

Not many people could be as logical and practical minded as the impassive Mr Fleetwood, as a lot of us go into a state of pure panic if an elevator jolts and makes funny ‘clack clack’ noises. Here at Sheridan Lifts, we ensure that lift repairs are undertaken with minimum fuss and maximum precision, and always deliver the goods. When it comes to effective lift maintenance we are the best in the business, as our professionals have over 33 years in the lift installation industry. From television companies to colleges, construction sites to hospitals; all sorts of organisations require lift maintenance services from time to time. It is extremely important that lift installation is flexible and adaptable, as all buildings are different. Broken down, ancient elevators will be transformed into sleek, stylish models right before your very eyes if you put your trust in Sheridan Lifts, and we guarantee that you will recommend our excellent lift maintenance service to fellow colleagues and contacts. Give us a quick call today on 0161 203 6299 and see what we can do to help you.