Urgent lift installation project: 2x bed lifts for the NHS

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By Tony Sheridan

Published on: 01-04-2020

Managing Director of Sheridan Lifts

During these uncertain times, Sheridan Lifts are proud to announce the successful award of 2x hospital bed lifts at an ICU Facility in the North of England.

This urgent enquiry only came in yesterday. The hospital required the 2 lifts supplied and installed with an expeditious turnaround. As a critical business in these times of crisis, lift companies like ourselves remain fully committed to provide our first class lift maintenance and lift installation services whilst adhering strictly to all Government guidelines.

hospital bed lifts

Quickly our team have made communications with senior directors of our supply chain with a view to assist in this imperative project. Within 12 hours of contact we have secured materials, produced drawings and are heading into production. We are expecting to be on site in less than a month and we have allocated members of our labour team who can work extended hours.

In this case the order value is irrelevant – we are proud of our team and their eagerness and dedication to support our NHS in the current global pandemic.


Should you need assistance or be in a similar situation, we are providing call out type contracts and one off responses to companies and individuals in need during this period.

This may be especially prevalent for those individuals and businesses who fall into key areas of the country’s infrastructure including hospitals, healthcare, residential, production facilities, factories, key worker offices etc.

We have to take strict precaution at this time to ensure we all pull together, stay positive, and safe.

As such, if you are a lift company and require support in these difficult times, don’t be afraid to reach out – this isn’t a competition this is real life!


We are adhering to all Government guidelines. Read our updated COVID-19 statementRead More