Warning Signs Your Dumbwaiter May Need Repairs

Whether you have a dumbwaiter to simply make life easier or your building requires one for moving items that are too cumbersome to carry by hand and to produce a smoother working environment, it’s no surprise that dumbwaiters are used around the world by thousands of people every day.

Because they are used so often it is important that you pay close attention to your dumbwaiter’s needs. If they malfunction, not only could they potentially cost a lot in damages, but they could even put peoples lives at risk.

Malfunctions can not only cause transport delays, a malfunctioning dumbwaiter could trap limbs and whilst that is extremely rare occurrence, unfortunately it does happen.

To help avoid this happening it is important to have regular maintenance checks done on your dumbwaiter. Between these schedules checks, it is important to pay attention to your dumbwaiter system to look out – and listen out for – any possible faults that may need attention, such as:

Longer Waiting Times

If there is a long wait between floors for your dumbwaiter then it is obvious that the system is not performing at an optimal level. If the doors are sticking longer than usual, that could also be a sign to call in an engineer.

Strange Noises

Modern dumbwaiters are almost silent when they operate, so any indication of peculiar noises when the lift is being used is generally a good indicator that something is going wrong. Sounds can range from squeaks from the pulleys or from more mechanical bangs and clanks.

Jerky Movements

Does the dumbwaiter seem to bounce to a stop or jerk quickly up and down as it starts to ascend/descend? If so, then it is definitely time to have your dumbwaiter looked at by a professional.