We’ve achieved 100% compliance with Rochdale Borough Council

I am delighted to report that we have achieved 100% compliance for Rochdale Borough Council on all the lift units we look after within our lift maintenance contract. This is an achievement not to be under estimated!

Thank you to them for sending these lovely treats in recognition of our efforts 🙂

We’ve achieved 100% compliance with Rochdale Borough Council

Rochdale haven’t had 100% compliance in years; Sheridan Lifts have only had the contact 13 months whereas the previous incumbent had it for 14 years!

Kathryn Andrew, HIA Team Manager for Adult Care and Supoort said:

“You will no doubt recall our first meeting, when we set out our expectations of the contract and our ambitions to be 100% compliant with all the assets we transferred over to you. Lewis accepted the challenge and promised he would achieve 100%, even though we highlighted a couple of assets where access was a longstanding issue. Quite quickly, Lewis worked through the assets and gained access to most. Eventually, we were left with just one asset outstanding, which despite all our collective best endeavours remained impossible to get into and meant you couldn’t get the 100%.

“Despite the continual failed attempts, Lewis didn’t give up and continued to make calls, send letters, cold call and make appointments. Quite out of the blue and unbelievably, he managed to get one of your engineers in this week! It is a huge achievement and I have absolutely no doubt at all is only due to the commitment and persistence of Lewis. We are absolutely delighted and I want to formally recognise Lewis for his achievement. The success story has gone out in our weekly comms across our service, as it is a significant achievement for us to have 100% compliance.

We’ve achieved 100% compliance with Rochdale Borough Council

“I’ve already spoken to Lewis to thank him personally, but wanted to make you aware too and ensure he has the recognition he deserves.

“Thanks again for your continued dedication to the delivery of our contract”

Wow, just wow!

Lewis now has his own legendary status created here, I might actually build a small throne for him to sit on!

In all seriousness now, this is the exactly the kind of thing our staff pride themselves on and we are all very proud not only of Lewis but also of each and every one of our excellent engineers. And all of our staff members!

Well done team Sheridan!

We’ve achieved 100% compliance with Rochdale Borough Council