What You Should Do If You Are Stuck In An Elevator

For some people, getting stuck in an elevator would be the culmination of their greatest fears; for others, it would simply be an annoyance. But even though lifts are more efficient than ever before, occasionally they do get stuck.

When you are stuck in an elevator, the time it takes until you are rescued can range from a few minutes to a few hours.

So what should you do if you are stuck in an elevator?

Take A Deep Breath

An elevator lurching to a stop can trigger a panic response in all of us, especially before we know that the elevator is simply stuck and that nothing more untoward is going on. If you are claustrophobic you will feel even more panicked and becoming agitated will make the whole incident much worst. Simply take a deep breath, stay calm, and remember that this feeling of panic will pass and you will soon be saved.

Press the Call Button

All elevators have a call button, or an emergency telephone installed so you can be connected with assistance in the case of the lift getting stuck. Your call will signal the building manager that there is a problem with the elevator and he can begin the process of getting you out of there.


You will now simply have to wait to be rescued, so it is advised you save your energy, take a seat, drink some water if you have it, and find something to do. If it takes a few hours to get you freed from the lift, then you will have time to kill; most mobile phones work fine in lifts so you can check-in on your social media, or read a book if you have one with you.

If you are stuck with other people, striking up a conversation may help you all relax as it takes your mind off the situation, as long as it doesn’t trigger your other fear: socialising.

Being stuck in a lift can be a harrowing experience – but only if you let it. The most important thing is to stay calm and have faith in the lift maintenance team to get you out of there.