What’s Your Final Destination?

Sheridan Lifts Limited are proud to announce the installation of 4 brand new state of the art lift installations in central London.

The lifts installed includes some of the most advance technology on the market commonly known as destination control. This feature minimises the buildings lift energy consumption and maximise vertical traffic flow speeds and productivity in the premises.

To explain; the lifts operating controls which you would usually operate as a passenger from inside the lift have been installed on the landings, therefore rather than just calling the lift, you input which floor you wish to travel to. The lifts main control equipment identifies the call and in milliseconds workouts the most efficient route via the lifts for that/them passengers should take.

We all know the feeling when you enter a lift with other people and  “typical” not one of them is going to the same floor as you and your going to the top so you end up being a taxi driver dropping everyone else at their floor before you finally reach your destination level.

This software and feature makes this a thing of the past. An impressive piece of equipment which will enable both the staff and visitors of the building to start their day stress free appreciate a direct speedy efficient route to their final destination.

As always at Sheridan Lifts we try our upmost to improve in quality and programme efficiently, In this case we have decrease our agreed programme with the contractor by 8 weeks which has enabled the whole project to be handed over early. In fact it has give the client the opportunity to start operating and seeing a return on their investment almost two months earlier than they expected.

We’re informed because of this and the overwhelming impact we have had on the building we are  expecting a glowing reference from the contractor which we will be sure to share with you all.

If this feature is something

You think may benefit your building please get in touch with the team today.