Where You Can Find Platform Lifts

Platform lifts are a complete lift system that are designed for moving passengers between a few floors. They provide an option for small distances when installing a full lift system is not a viable economic investment.

Platform lifts can be found in a wide range of different buildings. Their customisable builds mean they can be fitted to a number of different sizes and applications. They have become so useful that you can find them in even the most unusual places:

  • Retirement homes – platform lifts provide easy access to retirement homes for those who find steps challenging. They are universally used by those with wheelchairs as well as those with canes or other walking difficulties.
  • Shopping centres – For those who struggle to get out and about because of mobility issues can find it very difficult to do their weekly shopping. To help people retain their independence for longer, platform lifts open up the world to those who wish to gain access to shops that operate across a number of different floors or which have a stepped entrance.
  • Cinema – Modern cinemas configure their seating in a theatre shaped incline. Disabled seating was once positioned in the front row of the cinema, making for uncomfortable viewing for anyone with mobility issues that couldn’t access seats higher up. Platform lifts have been installed in a selection of cinemas so that disabled seating can be installed on any row of the cinema, providing a more diverse seating option.
  • Homes – As well as having platform lifts for customers and visitors to use, they are also an important addition to homes that are difficult to access. They may only be used by one person – rather than many when installed in a public building – but they are still necessary to ensure less able-bodied people can still safely enter and leave their own homes.